JoJo: Disaster (Single Review)

by Bradley Stern

After almost five straight years of setbacks and delays due to label fuckery, management reshuffling and everything else in between, the grand return of JoJo has officially begun. “Disaster” is the official lead single from the singer’s upcoming third studio album Jumping Trains, due out later this year on Interscope Records. While the brilliant Can’t… Read the full article


MuuMuse Approved: Nicola Roberts Unveils Second Impossibly Amazing Solo Single, “Lucky Day”

by Bradley Stern

Dear God, she’s done it again. Nicola Fucking Roberts, Pop Savior, the youngest member of Girls Aloud and professional Doer of No Wrong, has just unveiled the second single from her forthcoming solo debut Cinderella’s Eyes: “Lucky Day,” due out on September 18. And guess what? IT’S COMPLETELY AMAZING.


Snow Patrol Shifts Gears With New Album’s Lead Single, “Called Out In The Dark”

by Alex Nagorski

When Snow Patrol released “Just Say Yes,” the lead single off of their first career retrospective album, many fans and critics responded negatively to the new direction the band was going in. The song had the band layering in a heavy dose of radio-friendly electronica influences, adding a much more mainstream element to their trademark… Read the full article


Skylar Grey: Invisible (Single Review)

by Bradley Stern

One of the nagging flaws hidden behind today’s flood of self-empowerment pop (“Born This Way”/”We R Who We R”/”Firework”/”Who Says?”) is that, despite all of their genuinely earnest pleas for positivity and self-love, sometimes it’s difficult to latch onto the solution without ever actually addressing the pain. Enter Skylar Grey, the stellar songwriter behind the… Read the full article


Nicola Roberts: Beat Of My Drum (Single Review)

by Bradley Stern

It’s always the quiet ones that surprise you the most. On June 5, Girls Aloud‘s Nicola Roberts steps out on her own with her debut solo single, “Beat Of My Drum.” “Beat of My Drum” is, without question, the coolest post-Aloud effort to date: Produced by Diplo and French producer Dimitri Tikovoi, the song is… Read the full article


Lady Gaga: The Edge of Glory (Single Review)

by Bradley Stern

She nearly lost me. After “Born This Way” incited a national furor now known as Madonnagate and “Judas” proved to be not much more than a noisier, lesser, blasphemy-friendly extension of the already winning “Bad Romance,” my anticipation quickly began to dwindle for Lady Gaga‘s upcoming album, Born This Way. And then came “The Edge… Read the full article


Lady Gaga: Judas (Single Review)

by Bradley Stern

Just one week before Easter weekend, Lady Gaga (not-so-accidentally) sprung a leak early this morning, resulting in the sudden rush release of “Judas,” the religion-wrought second single from Gaga’s upcoming studio album, Born This Way. As I pointed out when the track first began to leak, “Judas” come packaged on top of a relentlessly grinding,… Read the full article


Aubrey O’Day: Automatic (Single Review)

by Bradley Stern

A new O’Day has come! Ever since Diddy unceremoniously ditched the Danity Kane divas nearly three years ago (one of the world’s greater pop injustices of all time), former member Aubrey O’Day has made it clear that she would not be deterred from her pop star dreams. O’Day, the group’s most outspoken and audicious (Aubreycious?)… Read the full article


Lady Gaga: Born This Way (Single Review)

by Bradley Stern

Hype is an ugly, impossible hump to overcome. After Perez Hilton named it “one of the best songs of Gaga’s career,” Vogue‘s Jonathan Van Meter described it as an “unbelievably great dance song, destined to be the anthem of every gay-pride event for the next 100 years” and Elton John dubbed it “the anthem that’s… Read the full article


Mya Prepares to Conquer Japan and America with Two New Dance Singles: “Fabulous Life” and “Love Is The Answer”

by Bradley Stern

Mya‘s back! Much like every other act this side of the ’10’s, Mya’s gone and shed her R&B roots in favor of a good ol’ synth machine to assist in her dance-inspired return to the music scene–perhaps inspired by her recent stint on the ninth season of Dancing With The Stars. Well…that, or she’s gone… Read the full article