Brandon Flowers: Crossfire (Single Review)

by Bradley Stern

The Killers‘ frontman, Brandon Flowers, is about to unleash the first single from his upcoming solo effort, Flamingo. It is called “Crossfire,” and will be released to radio today, June 21 (with the album to follow in September). While a little too U2 and a little less Pet Shop Boys than I’d like to hear… Read the full article


Sky Ferreira: One (Single Review)

by Bradley Stern

First we had “17”–now there’s simply “One.” “One” is Sky Ferreira‘s debut single on Parlophone Records. The song sounds a bit like if Marina & The Diamonds‘ “I Am Not A Robot” went out for a few drinks with Little Boots‘ “Stuck On Repeat,” except the date took place in an underwater bar and Bloodshy… Read the full article


Alicia Keys: Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready) (Single Review)

by Bradley Stern

“Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready)” is the latest single off of Alicia Keys‘ 2009 album The Element of Freedom, and it is very, very good. Although she’s previously established herself as a belter on tracks like “Fallin’” and “If I Ain’t Got You,” Keys takes a few steps back from the mic with her new single, allowing… Read the full article


Kylie Minogue: All The Lovers (Single Review)

by Bradley Stern

To no one’s surprise in particular, Kylie Minogue‘s kick-off single from her upcoming studio release, Aphrodite, is a work of art. Less of a departure from Kylie’s previous style and more of an embracing of her true disco diva “essence,” the Stuart Price-produced, Kish Mauve-penned track (the same group responsible for the lead single of… Read the full article


Scissor Sisters: Fire With Fire (Single Review)

by Bradley Stern

In case you’ve already forgotten, the Scissor Sisters recently unveiled one of the most brilliant tunes of 2010, “Invisible Light.” Here is a reminder: Yep. Still amazing. But now, we’ve got our hands on the first official single from Night Work, “Fire With Fire.” Straying from the dirty disco sounds of “Invisible Light” in favor… Read the full article


Boogaloo Stu: Forever More (Single Review)

by Bradley Stern

The name Boogaloo Stu hasn’t made its way onto MuuMuse since the very early days of its inception (Oh hey, May 2008!), but it’s about to reemerge from the depths. As kind of a pre-Gaga creation, Stu’s music and image– at least to me–was all about celebratory ’80’s kitsch and quirky pop melodies a la… Read the full article


M.I.A.: XXXO (Single Review)

by Bradley Stern

M.I.A.‘s “XXXO” is a delicious, concise cut of modern electro-pop. Clocking in at just under three minutes and in keeping with her second album’s sound (“Jimmy”) and her dancier beginnings (Arular), the song is easily one of the artist’s most glittery pop productions yet. In fact, “XXXO” is so accessibly electro-pop that it seems the… Read the full article


Robyn: Dancing on My Own (Single Review)

by Bradley Stern

The heartbreak isn’t over. Robyn‘s first single from her upcoming EP, Body Talk Part 1, finds the singer as solemn as ever, dancing alone and mourning the love she’s lost. “Dancing on My Own” is essentially the sequel to her first collaboration with Kleerup, “With Every Heartbeat,” featuring a moody, plodding synthesized beat and a… Read the full article


Sade: Soldier of Love (Single Review)

by Bradley Stern

After 19 years, Sade has returned with a comeback single called “Soldier of Love,” the band’s first release in nearly ten years. Generally, it’s damn near perfection. But as the lead single from an album with a cover like this, could the group ever go wrong in the first place? Didn’t think so.


Lady Gaga: Dance in the Dark (Single Review)

by Bradley Stern

Today has just been full of disappointments: The videos for “Bad Romance” and “Video Phone” seem to be delayed indefinitely, the Leona Lewis album is, for the most part, a massive snooze-fest, and worst of all, the strawberries that I worked so hard to plant have withered on FarmVille. But enough mourning for this morning,… Read the full article