Rihanna: Russian Roulette (Single Review)

by Bradley Stern

Photo courtesy of MTV.com. First of all: “Russian Roulette,” the lead single off of Rihanna‘s upcoming album, Rated R, is not a single. I’m not sure what her record company was thinking in positioning this as the “comeback” track: It’s either her most brilliant, understated move as an artist or a terrible flop move by… Read the full article


Cheryl Cole: 3 Words (Single Review)

by Bradley Stern

Well, so much for an album full of manufactured R&B pop. “3 Words,” the next single and title track off of Cheryl Cole‘s debut solo album, is just about the antithesis of lead single, “Fight For This Love.” Complimented by a throbbing pulse and guitar strum devoid of form, “3 Words” is mesmerizing in its… Read the full article


Ellie Goulding: Under the Sheets (Single Review)

by Bradley Stern

STOP WHATEVER YOU’RE DOING RIGHT NOW… …and listen to Ellie Goulding‘s contender for Single of ’09. I’m not lying to you. “Under the Sheets,” produced by the increasingly magnificent Starsmith, is a truly fresh breath of electronica-infused air. “We’re under the sheets, and you’re killing me,” Goulding’s fluttery vocals plead atop a thick slab of… Read the full article


Daily B: Are You Ready for Britney’s “3”? (Single Review)

by Bradley Stern

LISTEN NOW. Facts: – It’s about ‘doing it’ with two people at once. – It is synthy and auto-tuned up the wazoo, but not like what you were expecting really. – Choice lyric: “Living in sin is the new thing.” – It is required to listen to “3” no less than three times, as its… Read the full article


Leona Lewis: Happy (Single Review)

by Bradley Stern

First the bad news: You cannot convince me that “Happy” isn’t more than just the third incarnation of “Halo”/”Already Gone.” Congratulations, Ryan Tedder–you’re still a one-trick schmuck. And now for the mostly good: The song is very good–like, very, very good, seven plays in a row and counting good–and will (and should) undoubtedly garner the… Read the full article


Mariah Carey: I Want To Know What Love Is (Single Review)

by Bradley Stern

Oh, haven’t you heard? Mariah Carey is about to release a new single. Let’s discuss: + It is a cover of Foreigner‘s “I Want To Know What Love Is,” which basically means you’re going to have your fair share of “The original is better!!!” comments on your local forums and YouTube videos. + It is… Read the full article


The Saturdays: Forever is Over (Video Premiere)

by Bradley Stern

Here comes the video leak (and song premiere!) of “Forever is Over,” the brand new single from The Saturdays‘ upcoming album due out in October. The song was produced by Sam Watters and Louis Biancaniello, the same hit factory behind several tracks off of Kelly Clarkson‘s All I Ever Wanted and Jordin Sparks‘ “Battlefield.” Accordingly,… Read the full article


Kesha – Tik Tok

by Bradley Stern

Finally, ’tis here: The single cover and FREE DOWNLOAD of Kesha‘s debut single, “Tik Tok.” It’s boisterous, it’s bloated, and it is all things necessary to ‘get this party started.’ Don’t get your panties in a twist over this one–it’s just meant to be a sloppy, drunken sleaze fest o’ fun. Unapologetic auto-tune and erratic… Read the full article


Is Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA” the Greatest Song of All Time?

by Bradley Stern

Much a fuss has been made about tween superstar Miley Cyrus‘ latest single, “Party in the USA,” which joins the ranks of other Cyrus classics as “Fly on the Wall,” “7 Things,” and even “See You Again.” Let us now explore whether or not this new song is or isn’t the greatest piece of recorded… Read the full article


Madonna: Celebration (Single Review)

by Bradley Stern

The prime candidate for Single of 2009 has arrived. As I’ve suspected listening to the many low quality snippets floating around over the past two weeks, “Celebration” is a complete return to form after the embarrassment of Hard Candy. Though the club sound is much more merry than that of Confessions, it’s just about up… Read the full article