Rihanna Channels ‘JAWS’ For March 2015 Issue Of ‘Harper’s Bazaar’

by Bradley Stern

“I’M ABOUT FOURFIVESECONDS FROM CHOMPIN’.” – Bruce The Shark In case you didn’t see it yesterday, there’s a very cool and urban trend brewing in pop music for 2015: #SHARKPOP, as first invented in 2013 by The Legendary Miss Britney Spears. When Instagram Illuminati High Priestess-Turned-Folk-Pop Singer-Songwriter Rihanna teased a photo from her forthcoming photo… Read the full article


Kim Kardashian Got Her Butt Out For ‘Paper’, But It’s All About The Photographer, Jean-Paul Goude

by Bradley Stern

Tonight, Kim Kardashian got her butt out for Paper Magazine. That’s super Kool for Kim and the rest of the Kardashian Klan, but the most interesting part about the cover photo isn’t her or her oily, enhanced buttocks (to me, anyways) — it’s the fact that prolific French photographer Jean-Paul Goude was the one behind the… Read the full article


MuuMuse Presents: The Top 20 Albums of 2013

by Bradley Stern

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again: A time to bicker, moan and fight about the year’s most high profile releases and underrated gems. That’s right — it’s list season! Looking back, 2013 may very well go down as the Year of the Underdog in pop music. There’s no doubt that, across the… Read the full article


#FreeKesha: Ke$ha Admits She Doesn’t Really Have Creative Control

by Bradley Stern

Ke$ha might be one of the most rebellious mainstream pop princesses in the industry today, but when it comes down to her career choices, she’s not really the one pulling the strings.


What Your Bar Mitzvah Playlist Says About You

by Bradley Stern

10 years ago (and a few weeks), I became a Bar Mitzvah—the Great Coming of Age for all 13-year old Jewish boys and girls. Following the religious boring stuff at the synagogue (during which my voice did not crack once, nor did I drop the Torah–please hold your applause), the party was held at a… Read the full article


And It’s Not Even My Birthday…

by Bradley Stern

…OH WAIT, BUT ACTUALLY IT IS. Yay! I’m 23! And…look! All of my bestest friends came together to surprise me with birthday cake and balloons! There’s Godney (obviously), The Holy Madge and Queen Kylie–even Miss Keri Baby and Goddesses Heidi Montag and Courtney Stodden showed up! What an iconic, glamorous and star-studded event! Thank you… Read the full article


Daily B: Britney Tweets Photo of Her Hand, Remains Mysterious and Flaw-Free While Doing So

by Bradley Stern

Earlier this evening, Godney did so tweet: Found a xmas gift for my sister in Peru – so I can cross her off my list!  Not the best weather where I’m at today… The photo finds Queen B’s hand lifting a window curtain to reveal the maybe-not-so-good weather of Bogotá (not that we’d ever be… Read the full article


Tonight’s the Night: Come Down to #GUMBOPOP at the Canal Room!

by Bradley Stern

As the criminally underrated Dannii Minogue would say…THIS IS IT! If you’re in town tonight, head down to the Canal Room in Manhattan (W. Broadway x Canal St.) for GUMBO NYC x MuuMuse Presents: #GUMBOPOP, featuring performances by Chris Salvatore, Neon Hitch and Nadine of Girls Aloud! Come meet me and get your dance on,… Read the full article


MuuMuse and GUMBO NYC Present: GUMBO POP on September 16!

by Bradley Stern

I’ve been keeping my lips zipped on this one for some time now, so it brings me GREAT pleasure to finally announce… MuuMuse, along with GUMBO NYC, will be presenting GUMBO POP at The Canal Room in New York City on Friday, September 16, featuring performances by Chris Salvatore, Neon Hitch and Girls Aloud‘s Nadine… Read the full article


Check Me Out on MTV Buzzworthy!

by Bradley Stern

Dear Muusers, The Muuse is getting big-gah. Starting today, you have a brand new opportunity to read my Muusings…for MTV! Each Tuesday I’ll be counting off the top tracks of the week for MTV’s Buzzworthy Blog–a feature I used to do for MuuMuse called MuuTunes when I wasn’t as busy being SO FUCKING FAMOUS. As… Read the full article