Britney Made Tyson Beckford, And Also Me, Her Bitch at ‘Piece Of Me’

by Bradley Stern

There comes a point in every man’s life when the Living Legend he’s worshipped for nearly two decades ties a leash around his neck, throws him down on all fours and drags him across the stage of her Las Vegas residency. That moment, for me, came last weekend. But more on that in just a moment! Because first,… Read the full article


On Britney and Iggy’s “Pretty Girls” Video…

by Bradley Stern

The Legendary Miss Britney Spears and her new, possibly Australian friend I-G-G-Y have crash-landed with their intergalactic cinematic masterpiece “Pretty Girls,” and one thing’s for certain… THEY’RE JUST SO SILL-AY. No, but really: Support my journey and go read my GIF-by-GIF review on PopCrush. A lot of (good) things are happening. Love you. Praise Godney.… Read the full article


MuuTunes: May 2015

by Bradley Stern

Oh, hello. It’s been a while…but I’m here now. As promised, even with the whole new editor in chief at PopCrush thing, MuuMuse isn’t going anywhere. Promise. It’s just getting more personal! And more urban, too. I’ve really dived in headfirst getting to work bitch with the new gig, so admittedly, I haven’t had my… Read the full article


A Brief Message From Legendtina About “Pretty Girls”

by Bradley Stern

Hello, fans. Forgive me. I’ve not had a single moment until now to sit down and finally SAY SOMETHING I’M GIVING UP ON YOU, what with the unprecedented success of my cameo as country icon Jade St. John on Nashville, the ongoing season of The Voice and my forthcoming return to music, which is shaping up to be the most advanced, genre-defying record in… Read the full article


A Very Cool, Personal And Urban Announcement Regarding MuuMuse

by Bradley Stern

Hello, world. I’ve got some news for you. Starting today, May 1, I am officially the new Editor In Chief of PopCrush. With the help of a team of talented writers, I’m going to make PopCrush an even cooler, funkier, all-around beefier pop culture beast. The website’s not just limited to music, either: PopCrush covers all things pop — from TV… Read the full article


Britney Looks Like An Easy Earth Girlney With Iggalien Azalea On The “Pretty Girls” Single Art

by Bradley Stern

The Legendary Miss Britney Spears ain’t done with extraterrestrial exploration quite yet. With just a few days to go, a few thirsty Brit Brit stans managed to find the official cover art for “Pretty Girls” a little early on Shazam. And B-Girl’s looking like a pretty gir — uh, alien, y’all. LIKE AN ALLLIIIEEENNN. (#BuyBritneyJeanOniTunes)… Read the full article


Britney Is Getting Her Own Mobile Game In 2016: 5 Potential Game Ideas

by Bradley Stern

The global outcry for fair and adequate representation of The Legendary Miss Britney Spears within the gaming world has been heard loud and clear…as it very well should be. While the grassroots fan initiative to vote Britney’s Dance Beat Britney into the upcoming installment on Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. rages on in the trenches of… Read the full article


“Dance Like We’re Making Love”: Ciara Gets Sexy With Dr. Luke For ‘Jackie’ Single Number Two

by Bradley Stern

Ladies and gentlemen, the body party is once again in session. Ciara, B.M.F., is finally done terrorizing the ballerina community with her offensive “I Bet” pointe shoe work and getting the gays gagging with her “I Bet” remixes to move on to her second Jackie single, the Dr. Luke-helmed “Dance Like We’re Making Love.” True… Read the full article


“Infinity”: Mariah Carey’s New Single Is Basically A Mariah Carey Shade GIF In Song Form

by Bradley Stern

The good news is that a little under one year, one reshuffled management team, one new label deal and one upcoming Vegas residency later, Mariah Carey is keeping it hashtag very on brand with her brand new single, “Infinity,” a biting moment of retro middle finger whatever. The bad? Nick Cannon might want to find a… Read the full article