In Praise Of Miley Cyrus’ Girl-On-Girl Pop Star Instagram Love Fests

by Bradley Stern

Miley Cyrus has made a lifetime commitment to remaining thoroughly, unrelentingly, #unapologetically Miley. (Lesley would surely still agree.) Accordingly, her Instagram account (where she spends the bulk of her time when she’s not touring) is like a rainbow-hued cartoonish acid trip deep into the untamable mind of the Bangerz diva: Handmade arts and crafts projects, nipples… Read the full article


“FourFiveSeconds (feat. Kanye West & Paul McCartney)”: Rihanna Rih-Turns With An Unexpected First Taste Of ‘R8′

by Bradley Stern

At this point in her career, it’s safe to say that Rihanna could throw any curveball at us that she wants to, simply because she can. And tonight, she did. Then again, it’s not as though she hasn’t caught us off guard when kicking off a new era in the past: Remember “Diamonds”? And “Russian… Read the full article


“Conscious”: A New ‘In The Zone’ Era Demo Sees The Light Of Day

by Bradley Stern

Gather ’round beneath the giant Piece Of Me “Toxic” tree, for it is that blessed time of year once again… It’s Britmas, bitch. Songwriter Michelle Bell is one of the few connections we have to the sessions recorded and released in between 2003’s In The Zone and the ever-mysterious, unrealized Original Doll era. She wrote… Read the full article


“Never Be Alone”: Paris Hilton Takes Us To A New Dimension

by Bradley Stern

There is no album we need more, aside from R8, than that of Paris Hilton. From 2013’s euphoric, time-enhancing “Good Time” to last year’s unicorn space opus “Come Alive,” the singer/actress/DJ/real estate entrepreneur has continuously supplied us with heaven-sent dance-pop gems following her stellar 2006 self-titled pop debut that are sa-na-saa-sa good. Of course, she’s… Read the full article


Giorgio Moroder Confirms Britney Recorded An “Old Song” For His New Album

by Bradley Stern

Moroderney is one step closer today, y’all. In an interview for Sony Xperia, legendary producer Giorgio Moroder has spilled a few of the beans about his forthcoming artist record by sharing his thoughts on a few of the album collaborators, including Sia, Mikky Ekko, Matthew Koma, Foxes…and Miss Britney Spears. He starts delivering his praise… Read the full article


So, About This Tweet From The Grammys…

by Bradley Stern

⚓️⚓️⚓️⚓️⚓️⚓️⚓️⚓️ #GRAMMYs 2.8.15 — The GRAMMYs (@TheGRAMMYs) January 21, 2015 Anchors. Symbol of the Navy. Or…the Rihanna Navy. 8 of them. Or…R8 of them. And don’t forget about her drummer. UPDATE: *Balloon deflating noise* Sam Smith‘s fandom name is apparently the Little Sailors (example stan), and The Grammys have included those same anchor emojis in the… Read the full article


Bjork’s ‘Vulnicura’ Is Out Today Because People Are The Worst

by Bradley Stern

On Tuesday (January 13), Björk announced a new record, Vulnicura, due out in March. By the weekend, the entire record had already leaked in full. No official album cover. No actual release date. And yet, there it was. Because today, there are only two options for a superstar act: Either go through painstakingly protective measures… Read the full article


“Worth It (feat. Kid Ink)”: Fifth Harmony Unleash Their Inner Freak Harmony

by Bradley Stern

Fifth Harmony‘s Reflection has been pushed back more times than the girls can count on both hands altogether as a group, but that doesn’t mean the wait isn’t….WORTH IT. The Artists Formerly Known As LYLAS have just dropped a new joint from their oft-delayed debut album (allegedly out on February 3 now) called “Worth It”… Read the full article


The Full Tracklisting For Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’ Has Arrived

by Bradley Stern

Stop whatever the fuck you’re doing and start living for love, #RebelHearts: The official tracklisting for Madonna‘s Rebel Heart has randomly arrived just now on iTunes…and it consists entirely of songs that have already leaked in demo form in the past few months (“I’ve heard it all before, I’ve heard it all before…“) — with a few new… Read the full article


“King” Video: The Years & Years Boys Pull Shapes In Their Best Video Yet

by Bradley Stern

All hands on deck: Years & Years have just put out a video for their latest single “King” — and it’s just as fantastic as the song itself. In fact, it’s their most impressive visual to date. Enlisting Sia‘s “Chandelier” choreographer Ryan Heffington, the boys decided to go the full-on interpretive route for their massive new… Read the full article