TIDAL Wave: Thinking Out Loud About The Future Of The Music Industry

by Bradley Stern

The word of the day is TIDAL. Last night, Jay Z, Madonna, Kanye West, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Calvin Harris, Nicki Minaj and about a billion other pop stars turned their social media accounts blue…err, cerulean really. Why? Because TIDAL. TIDAL is a new music streaming service. Like Spotify and Beats, it costs $9.99 a month, with a $19.99/month “HiFi”… Read the full article


“Only You”: Miss A Make A Confident K-Pop Comeback

by Bradley Stern

It’s amazing what some quality K-Pop can do to revitalize your spirit. I’ve written about Miss A in the past: Three years ago, the troupe first popped up on my radar (on my ray-duh) with their (still) incredible “Touch,” along with the accompanying mini-album. And ever since, they’ve been supplying nothing but greatness. (Well…actually, they’ve… Read the full article


“Ghosttown”: Watch Madonna And Taylor Swift Make A Moment Together On ‘The iHeartRadio Music Awards’

by Bradley Stern

Well, what initially sounded like a cringeworthy idea by producers hoping to make a seasoned pop icon more palatable for teens watching at home actually turned out to a pretty major…err, Madge-r moment. Madonna has been performing her latest Rebel Heart single “Ghosttown” (not to be confused with Adam Lambert‘s “Ghost Town”) all over the world, from… Read the full article


Dumblonde: Aubrey O’Day And Shannon Bex Relaunch As A Dance-Pop Duo

by Bradley Stern

Well, this is a thing that is now officially happening. After Danity Kane went and Danity Kalled off their reunion for good thanks to some flying fists and larger-than-life egos, the remaining members of the troupe — all 2 of them, Aubrey Automatic O’Day and Shannon “Just Going Along With It, Y’all” Bex — have… Read the full article


“Worth It” Video: Watch Fifth Harmony Become Sexy, Empowered Stock Brokers

by Bradley Stern

BOW DOW(N) JONES. Dinah, Lauren, Camila, Normani and Ally, the fabulous fivesome collectively known as Fifth Harmony, are calling the shots…’cause it’s all about control, and they’ve got lots of it. (And if you’re well-versed enough in Pop Divas to check that reference, come sit by me.) Just ahead of Nick Jonas hosting the Kids’ Choice Awards (SLIME ME, NICK),… Read the full article


Introduucing…Emilie Esther, Winner Of ‘X Factor Denmark’!

by Bradley Stern

By now, it’s a fairly established fact that The X Factor series, more than most TV talent show competitions, really does supply massively talented performers and groups: One Direction (RIP, too soon), Cher Lloyd, Fifth Harmony, Leona Lewis, Little Mix, Samantha Jade…all big pop stars from all over the world. And, erm…Melanie Amaro. Sad face emoji. The question… Read the full article


“The River,” Kate Havnevik And Her Beautiful New Record, ‘&I’

by Bradley Stern

Admittedly, I’ve not had a lot of time to write my usual, unnecessarily long album reviews as of late. I’m well aware that I never got to Marina And The Diamonds‘ fabulous FROOT (it’s great, please buy it), and I suspect I won’t have the time to fully unpack the lovely Kate Havnevik‘s new record, &I, anytime… Read the full article



by Bradley Stern

Meet Honor, an elusive chanteuse with an even more elusive USB drive. See, Honor has a rather intriguing discovery story that doesn’t involve being spotted performing at a local bar or racking up followers on YouTube. Well…not exactly, anyway. As legend would have it, YouTuber Luke Cutforth (LukeIsNotSexy) found a USB drive while commuting home… Read the full article


“Sparks”: Listen To A Preview Of Hilary Duff’s Wonderful, Whistlin’ Return To Synth-Pop

by Bradley Stern

Turn the lights down low and kiss me: Our beloved Dignity diva has returned. There was a moment there when Disney princess-turned-certifiable MILF Hilary Duff threatened to veer permanently into vanilla guitar-pop territory with her sweetly inoffensive, shoe commercial-friendly “Chasing The Sun” and the slightly punchier “All About You,” but that moment has since passed: She… Read the full article


#R8Mergency: Rihanna Is Dropping A #R8 Single Called “Bitch Better Have My Money” Tomorrow

by Bradley Stern

rihannaNOW.com #R8 #BBHMM #March26 A photo posted by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on Mar 25, 2015 at 2:56pm PDT Navy, report for duty, because THIS IS NOT A DRILL: Rihanna is doing something tomorrow. “#R8 #BBHMM #March26,” the Phucks-Free Illuminati Strip Club High Priestess-Turned-Earthy Folk Empress wrote in between promoting her new movie Home on Instagram just… Read the full article