Legendtina Will Release Two Songs From ‘Nashville’ In April

by Bradley Stern

LEGENDTINA NEWS NETWORK (Nashville, TN) —GRAMMY® Award-winning chanteuse, former employee of “asshole” Mickey Mouse and Starbucks Lover Legendtina “Christina” Maria Nina Desnudate Goduilera will release not one, but two new songs this month for the upcoming season of Nashville. Having spent the past few months alternating between the red swivel throne on The Voice and memorizing her lines as Jade St. John, a… Read the full article


Madonna Released Another Even More Apolocalyptic Teaser Of The “Ghosttown” Video

by Bradley Stern

Madonna, Queen Of Pop And Apps, has just released a second teaser from the video for her upcoming Rebel Heart single, “Ghosttown.” And, oh my, this could be major — err, madge-or. That’s a big ol’ bomb going off on the TV. End Of Days emotional devastation, here we come. (In case you missed it, watch the… Read the full article


Tinashe Tears It Up On ‘Conan’ With “All Hands On Deck”

by Bradley Stern

It’s been less than 24 hours since Tinashe wandered down to the shipyard, took some shipping containers and a tinfoil coat and rendered them instantly iconic with the incredible video for “All Hands On Deck.” And last night, the multitalented diva kept the awe-inducing energy going with a performance of her latest Aquarius single on the… Read the full article


Introduucing…Aaron Pfeiffer!

by Bradley Stern

Meet Aaron Pfeiffer, a Pittsburgh-bred singer-songwriter currently living in New York City. Now, full disclosure: I’ve known Aaron for more than a minute now IRL after being introduced by my BFF, Jon ALi. As a rising artist on his grind, Aaron’s been busting his butt performing up and down the city for years — that is, when he’s not out in Los… Read the full article


Is Sky Ferreira’s New Album Named ‘Masochism’?

by Bradley Stern

Life without new Sky Ferreira music is a lot like life without pasta, Oreos or Britney Spears: Not worth living. Luckily, it appears that our beloved, brooding Night Time, My Time goddess — who is currently hard at work recording new tunes ever since teasing her new track “Guardian” late last year — might have just… Read the full article


“All Hands On Deck” Video, Or That Time Tinashe Made Shipping Containers Iconic

by Bradley Stern

SLAYNASHE STRIKES AGAIN. Sexuality is fluid, and no one makes a better case for that scientific fact than our endlessly reliable case study, Tinashe. Today, the Aquarius sexpot presents the next visual installment from her phenomenal 2014 debut LP (the MuuMuse Album Of 2014, in fact): “All Hands On Deck,” the long-awaited companion to her… Read the full article


“Sparks”: Hilary Duff Whistles While She Works In A Glorious Return To Dance-Pop (Single Review)

by Bradley Stern

Turn the lights down low and kiss me in the dark… At last. After teasing one full, glorious minute of her pulsating return to synth-pop sound two weeks ago, Disney Queen-turned-Dignity diva Hilary Duff has revealed her new single “Sparks” in all of its wonderful, whistlin’ glory. (It’s on iTunes New Zealand for now, and making its way… Read the full article


Turkish Pop Star Atiye Makes Her US Debut With “Come To Me”: Premiere

by Bradley Stern

Meet Turkish pop star, Atiye. Atiye has been described as “The J.Lo of Turkey” in her official press release, which is an incredible description, so I’m just going to take as an objective fact. The German-born songstress dropped her debut album at 17 years old with Sony Records, followed by a self-titled sophomore record that… Read the full article


“American Oxygen”: Rihanna Gets Patriotic With Her Latest Offering From ‘R8′

by Bradley Stern

Real talk: What the actual phuck is #R8 shaping up to be? We’ve watched as Snapchat’s latest inductee Rihanna has slowly shifted from artsy-fartsy acoustic folk-pop songstress on “FourFiveSeconds” with Kanye West and Paul McCartney to returning to the full-on #Unapologetic strip clubz and dolla billz sound with “Bitch Better Have My Money,” with some “Princess Of China”-esque Home soundtrack bops thrown in… Read the full article


Madonna’s “Ghosttown” Video Looks Appropriately Apocalyptic So Far

by Bradley Stern

Happy Easter, everyone! The world is ending and we’re all going to die. At least, it looks to be going that way in the brand new black and white teaser of Madonna‘s newest Rebel Heart post-apocalyptic devastation anthem, “Ghosttown.” The brief teaser of the Jonas Åkerlund-directed clip — premiered as an exclusive on demonic Illuminati… Read the full article