‘Rebel Heart': Madonna’s Unapologetic Pop Conquest (Album Review)

by Bradley Stern

Once upon a time, there lived an #UnapologeticBitch named Madonna. She was baptized with #HolyWater but born with a #RebelHeart, which led her to take the road less traveled by. And in her quest to express herself and encourage the world to start #LivingForLove,  she eventually became #Iconic. 32 years, 13 studio albums, nine worldwide tours and one Sock Bitch… Read the full article


“I Bet” Video: Ciara Plays A Sexy, Sad Ballerina As A Fierce Fuck You To Her Ex

by Bradley Stern

“I Bet,” Ciara‘s latest single, is a very personal, very thinly veiled kiss-off dedicated to her ex, Future. (In case you forgot, it’s the one that sounds like Usher‘s “U Got It Bad.”) And now, it has a video. The plot is fairly straightforward: You take a ballerina, break her heart a million ways and… Read the full article


“REALiTi”: Grimes Drops A Dreamy Demo As A Special Thank You

by Bradley Stern

It’s fitting that Grimes decided to drop a song about climbing mountains called “REALiTi” at the same time I’ve been out here in Los Angeles reuniting with friends, hiking and largely ignoring social media in order to reconnect to exactly that. (Spoiler alert: There is life beyond the confines of The Internet. But! This isn’t going to be a LiveJournal… Read the full article


“I Really Like You” Video: Tom Hanks And Justin Bieber Really, Really Like Carly Rae Jepsen’s New Song Too

by Bradley Stern

Bet you really (X6) didn’t see this one coming. The video for the Canadian cutie Carly Rae Jepsen‘s unstoppably catchy comeback smash-to-be “I Really Like You” has arrived…and it’s the Tom Hanks movie shot in between Big, Forrest Gump and You’ve Got Mail that you never knew you haven’t watched yet. Basically, Hanks is on… Read the full article


“Higher”: Rihanna Keeps Teasing Music From ‘R8′ Like This Is A Game Or Something

by Bradley Stern

The Rihanna Navy is about FourFiveSeconds from rih-volting on this Illuminati Instagram Earthy Folk-Pop Queen’s A$$. Rih’s already teased bits of songs like “Kiss It Better” and something about none of this shit being promised (too real) in the past few months, but as far as we know, R8 is still but a mere figment of our Rih-magination.… Read the full article


“Bated Breath” Video: Tinashe Wages A Silent War In The Desert

by Bradley Stern

Tinashe isn’t one to wait. As a result, when her record label wasn’t into the idea of funding videos for some of the songs from her spectacular debut album Aquarius, she shrugged and went on her merry way to do the damn thing herself — a classic Slaynashe move from the mixtape days. Yesterday, the “2… Read the full article


“Adore”: Ariana Grande Makes Mumbly Magic With Cashmere Cat

by Bradley Stern

Ariana Grande: Talented vocalist. Mortal enemy of enunciation. Norwegian producer Cashmere Cat already teamed up with everyone’s favorite demon-seeing, left side only Kabbalah Kutie in the past with “Be My Baby” on last year’s My Everything. And so, to return the favor, Ari’s just supplied her sweetly incoherent coos to “Adore,” one of Cashmere’s own productions. Cashmere’s quickly becoming… Read the full article


“Summer Of Love”: Dannii Minogue Makes A Fab Return To The Dance Floor

by Bradley Stern

I’ve waited, oh, I don’t know…the better half of a decade to type these words: Dannii Minogue is finally back. (The 16-year-old me is currently clutching a copy a “Perfection” imported picture disc vinyl to my chest and violently shaking and crying.) After revealing that she would (AT LAST!) be returning to her rightful spot with a comeback… Read the full article


“Forget”: Marina And The Diamonds Finds Strength Within Her Latest ‘Froot’

by Bradley Stern

Today is the third of March. 3/3. Double number day. Know what that means? The Froot Of The Month has arrived! The release of Marina And The Diamonds’ upcoming album, FROOT, is just around the corner now (bumped up to March 16, because The Internet decided to be The Internet), but not before the Welsh songstress… Read the full article


Win A Copy Of Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Piece By Piece’!

by Bradley Stern

In case you haven’t already seen the piece(by piece)s slowly revealing themselves in the past few weeks, Our One True Reigning American Idol Kelly Clarkson’s latest studio album, Piece By Piece, is officially out today, March 3. The empowering set includes her upbeat lead single “Heartbeat Song,” the Sia-penned “Invincible” and “Let Your Tears Fall,” as well… Read the full article