Britney Could Be A Character In Nintendo’s Next ‘Super Smash Bros.’

by Bradley Stern

You know the fanbase is parched when we’re rallying to get our fave noticed by Nintendo. While the Britney Army not-so-patiently awaits the premiere of the Living Legend’s upcoming collaborations with both disco legend Giorgio Moroder and everyone’s favorite rapper Iggy Azalea (“Pretty Girls”), some fans of The Holy Spearit have since latched on to a poll… Read the full article


Girls’ Generation Kill It Construction Zone Style With Crazy Club Comeback, “Catch Me If You Can”

by Bradley Stern

Girls’ Generation make you feel the heat — that much is certain. Thankfully, even with one member now out of the group (we miss you Jessica Jung — SAD FACE EMOJI), the octuplet has just delivered yet another reliably amazing dose of high energy, catchy K-Pop…and the kind of choreography that’ll leave you praying your faves are… Read the full article


Legendtina Claims The Country Crown With ‘Nashville’ Anthem, “The Real Thing”

by Bradley Stern

LEGENDTINA NEWS NETWORK (Nashville, TN) — GRAMMY® Award-winning chanteuse, Woman-scented beacon of femininity and the forward-thinking Bionic icon singlehandedly responsible for making Sia relevant Christina Aguilera — born Legendtina Maria Nina Desnudate Goduilera — has officially gone country. To accompany her upcoming Nashville debut on Wednesday in the entirely autobiographical role of Queen Of Pop Jade St. John, the “Ven Comigo (Solamente Tú)” chanteuse has… Read the full article


Ciara Reveals ‘Jackie’ Album Tracklist, Blesses Us With “I Bet” Remixes Featuring All New Vocals

by Bradley Stern

Ciara is not playing around this era. Unlike the frequent stops and starts of 2013’s criminally underrated Ciara, it’s full steam ahead toward the release of CiCi’s sixth studio album Jackie (out May 4). Last night, the ballerina community’s #1 enemy unveiled the tracklist for her forthcoming album — and yes: There will be #JusticeForOneWomanArmy. (The #JusticeForOverdose campaign,… Read the full article


Matthew Koma Confirms He’s Working On Britney’s New Album, Too

by Bradley Stern

Giorgio Moroder. The Invisible Men. And now, Matthew Koma. The Legendary Miss Britney Spears might be taking her sweet, sweet time to slowly but surely work on her forthcoming left-lane artsy fartsy rock opus, but the producers involved keep coming out of the woodwork for Album Nineney. While we cry watching the days (REFERENCE) until B-Girl finally shows us… Read the full article


Fifth Harmony Made Everything “Worth It” On ‘Live With Kelly & Michael’ This Morning

by Bradley Stern

Lauren, Camila, Normani, Ally and Dinah — the young ladies-turned-mega-babe squad known as Fifth Harmony — are moving on up the Billboard Hot 100 with their horn-heavy Reflection banga, “Worth It.” And so, to promote said banga, the girls came to Live With Kelly & Michael early this AM to perform the track live. And seriously? They turned… Read the full article


Madonna Made Out With Drake At Coachella, And She Knows You’re Annoyed By It

by Bradley Stern

The last time Madonna came to the Coachella stage, she was squeezed into her tight purple leotard to perform a killer set in support of Confessions Of A Dance Floor. Last night, the Queen Of Pop made a return to the desert festival…as an #UnapologeticCoachellaKissingBitch. You see, you can’t expect Degrassi-starlet-turned-emo-rapper Drake to perform an entire song… Read the full article


Tinashe Steals The 2015 MTV Movie Awards By Walking Down The Stairs

by Bradley Stern

Get More: Charli XCX, Famous/Drop That Kitty (Medley), Music, More Music Videos   Tonight! The MTV Movie Awards! Yes, the other MTV award show. It’s still a thing! Who knew? And tonight, the ceremony was briefly made genuinely relevant again thanks to our reliable Aquarius Queen, Tinashe. You see, Charli XCX was out on stage strumming a comically oversized electric… Read the full article


Yas, Bitch, Yas: Mariah Carey Unveils ‘#1 To Infinity’ Greatest Hits Album

by Bradley Stern

Well, Friday’s retro moment of countdown whatever didn’t exactly lead to the release of Mariah Carey‘s new single (rumored to be titled “Infinity”) as hoped, but it did provide for a rather festive Sunday moment, dahhling. The Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse diva has unveiled the glamorous, entirely #nofilter album cover and title of her brand new reissue… Read the full article


Britney Hits The Car Wash For Day 2 Of “Pretty Girls” Video Shoot

by Bradley Stern

The Legendary Miss Britney Spears is at the car wash, y’all! (The enduring impact of Legend X‘s Shark Tale soundtrack contribution!) The Pretty Girl and her galpal I-G-G-Y had some fun pushin’ hot Bugatti Jeep whips around LA yesterday afternoon lookin’ like the new cast members of Bravo’s Real Housewives Of MILF County, and today, B’s headed down to the car… Read the full article