Hello Bitches: The Reintroduction of CL

by Bradley Stern

“Hello, it’s CL…bitches.”


The Digital Emancipation of Britney Spears Is Happening (Again)

by Bradley Stern

Britney is being her weird, goofy, introspective self again on social media. This, historically, bodes well.


‘Art Angels’: Grimes Rejects The Rules of Pop and Paves Her Own Path

by Bradley Stern

Grimes is in full control on ‪’‎Art Angels‬,’ an album that challenges the rules of pop music and the expectations of female musicians — and sounds like the love child of Al Pacino and Hatsune Miku.


State Of The Muunion

by Bradley Stern

A remembrance of who I am, if you will.


#Skywatch: Sky Ferreira Is A Time-Traveler And ‘Masochism’ Is Coming, Not Soon, But Maybe Soon

by Bradley Stern

A photo posted by Sky Ferreira (@skyferreira) on Oct 5, 2015 at 8:46pm PDT Tonight, on #SKYWATCH: MASOCHISM is coming. At some point. Eventually. SO JUST CALM THE FUCK DOWN. Newly blue-hued “Heavy Metal Heart” singer-songwriter Sky Ferreira has provided a key album update for #SF2, now titled Masochism. It’s not coming out as soon as you’d like it… Read the full article