Britney Looks Like An Easy Earth Girlney With Iggalien Azalea On The “Pretty Girls” Single Art

by Bradley Stern

The Legendary Miss Britney Spears ain’t done with extraterrestrial exploration quite yet. With just a few days to go, a few thirsty Brit Brit stans managed to find the official cover art for “Pretty Girls” a little early on Shazam. And B-Girl’s looking like a pretty gir — uh, alien, y’all. LIKE AN ALLLIIIEEENNN. (#BuyBritneyJeanOniTunes)… Read the full article


Britney Is Getting Her Own Mobile Game In 2016: 5 Potential Game Ideas

by Bradley Stern

The global outcry for fair and adequate representation of The Legendary Miss Britney Spears within the gaming world has been heard loud and clear…as it very well should be. While the grassroots fan initiative to vote Britney’s Dance Beat Britney into the upcoming installment on Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. rages on in the trenches of… Read the full article


“Dance Like We’re Making Love”: Ciara Gets Sexy With Dr. Luke For ‘Jackie’ Single Number Two

by Bradley Stern

Ladies and gentlemen, the body party is once again in session. Ciara, B.M.F., is finally done terrorizing the ballerina community with her offensive “I Bet” pointe shoe work and getting the gays gagging with her “I Bet” remixes to move on to her second Jackie single, the Dr. Luke-helmed “Dance Like We’re Making Love.” True… Read the full article


“Infinity”: Mariah Carey’s New Single Is Basically A Mariah Carey Shade GIF In Song Form

by Bradley Stern

The good news is that a little under one year, one reshuffled management team, one new label deal and one upcoming Vegas residency later, Mariah Carey is keeping it hashtag very on brand with her brand new single, “Infinity,” a biting moment of retro middle finger whatever. The bad? Nick Cannon might want to find a… Read the full article


Mariah Carey Keeps It Cute With The “Infinity” Single Cover

by Bradley Stern

Let’s get one thing straight (well, pretty gay actually): If you’re the type of person who thinks it is (A) abhorrent, (B) shocking or (C) brand new information that Mariah Carey‘s #1 To Infinity album art is Photostopped to oil painting proportions, you’re just not my kind of people. This is what Mimi’s been serving… Read the full article


“Tom’s Diner”: The Genius Of Britney’s Disco Daydream With Giorgio Moroder

by Bradley Stern

UPDATE: Two months later, Britney has (finally!) added the song to her VEVO this evening, along with a legendary handwritten postcard. #SomethingMorePersonal! Let us shake our umbrellas and pour the milk in celebration — and demand a full single treatment. ———————— Good things come to those who wait. They…also come to those who can’t be bothered… Read the full article


“Tom’s Diner” Clip: A Taste Of Britney And Giorgio Moroder’s Left-Lane ‘Deja Vu’ Disco Serving

by Bradley Stern

Duh duh duh da, duh duh duh da… Come on in, sit yourselves down, and allow Giorgio Moroder and The Legendary Miss Britney Spears to serve you some nice, hot cheesy grits and a nice cup o’ sweet tea. With Déjà Vu on the way this June, it’s almost inevitable that the album’s most highly anticipated… Read the full article


Paris Hilton Teases A Second Preview Of “High Off My Love” To An Increasingly Unprepared World

by Bradley Stern

It’s time for another exclusive clip of #HighOffMyLove! Here’s sneak peek #2 A video posted by Paris Hilton (@parishilton) on Apr 23, 2015 at 1:02pm PDT I thought you knew before, but if you don’t, then now you know: Princess Paris Hilton, Ibiza’s Most In-Demand DJ, Decade Long Perfume Empire Owner and Real Estate Entrepreneur… Read the full article


“Fire Meet Gasoline” Video: Heidi Klum And Pedro Pascal Have A Burning Desire For Sia

by Bradley Stern

With the Maddie Ziegler-assisted video trilogy complete (“Chandelier,” “Elastic Heart” and, most recently, “Big Girls Cry”), pop’s other Elusive Chanteuse Sia has enlisted a new muse to carry out her next installment of 1000 Forms Of Fear: Heidi Klum. Or…wait. Is it the other way around? In fact, the music video is only scored to… Read the full article


Britney Is Officially Performing At The 2015 Billboard Music Awards

by Bradley Stern

Time to put the rumors to bed & take #PrettyGirls to the stage! CAN’T WAIT to perform w/ @IGGYAZALEA at the #BBMAs! — Britney Spears (@britneyspears) April 22, 2015 It’s official, bitch: The Legendary Miss Britney Spears will be performing for the Pretty Girls (and boys) all around the world at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards.  B-Girl… Read the full article