“Open Heart (feat. Lissie)”: Morgan Page Makes An Emotional Return

by Bradley Stern

Not every producer knows how to make EDM feel, but Morgan Page does. It’s been a minute (three years, to be exact) since the producer’s last studio album In the Air, which gave us “Body Work” with Tegan & Sara and, of course, “In The Air” with Angela McCluskey, Sultan & Ned Shepard and BT —… Read the full article


“Piece By Piece”: Kelly Clarkson Finds Peace On Her Album’s Personal Title Track

by Bradley Stern

Kelly Clarkson is revealing the contents of Piece By Piece, her upcoming studio album, piece by piece. And today, she’s released the next piece of Piece By Piece: “Piece By Piece.” (There’s a theme here, but I just can’t piece it together at the moment…) Although she sounds lovely and the production is pretty enough, the most noteworthy thing… Read the full article


“Towards The Sun”: Rihanna Gives “Princess Of China” A Sister For The ‘Home’ Soundtrack

by Bradley Stern

Illuminati Instagram High Priestess-turned-Earthy Folk Songstress Rihanna isn’t just trying our last got damn nerve with the never-ending wait for her upcoming album (code name R8): She’s also done voice work for a DreamWorks animated movie called Home out in March…and she’s recorded a conceptual soundtrack for the film. Today, BBC Radio 1 ‘pulled a Bowie/Beyoncé/D’Angelo/Drake’ and dropped the first… Read the full article


Legendtina Impersonates Britney, Cher And Shakira On ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’

by Bradley Stern

< LEGENDTINA NEWS NETWORK (New York, NY) — GRAMMY® Award winning chanteuse, honorary New York City Ambassador and founding foremother of the Caviar Ratchet movement Legendtina Maria Nina Desnudate Goduilera has just demonstrated her true vocal verSAY!tility this evening. After blessing fans and Z-list music bloggers with free coffee last week, the “Nasty Naughty Boy” diva… Read the full article


“Jealousy”: Róisín Murphy Brings The Beat Back With Parrot

by Bradley Stern

Hey, remember that time Róisín Murphy released the Paris Is Burning-inspired lead single from her first album in over seven years and it turned out to be kind of a snooze? Well, not to worry: There’s a remedy for that. The disco-pop singer-songwriter’s gone and linked up once again with Sheffield-based DJ Parrot  for a one-off single that,… Read the full article


Wrathschild Make A Solid Landing With Space-Pop Debut, ‘Birds EP’

by Bradley Stern

Once upon a time, a boy and a girl from a far off galaxy — born Simon Curtis and Wolfy— beamed down from outer space to unleash their brand of cosmic pop to the world in the form of Wrathschild. They fell into love in a color-coated paradise last year, then found themselves enamored with their new digs on the… Read the full article


“Raided”: Salt Ashes Dives Deeper Into The Disco

by Bradley Stern

Right around this time last year, a promising young pop princess from across the pond named Salt Ashes (born Veiga Sanchez) caught my attention with her debut single: A brooding, sweetly cooed disco tune called “Somebody.” She kept the pulsations coming later in the year with “If You Let Me Go.” Opting for a less immediately pop-centered approach,… Read the full article


The 2015 Oscars: The Night Lady Gaga Won Back The Gays With Dishwashing Gloves And Julie Andrews

by Bradley Stern

Generally speaking, the only thing people love more than watching a pop star fall out of public favor is a comeback. (Madonna and Britney can tell you a little bit about that.) And after tonight, it seems to be happening all over again: Lady Gaga has successfully pulled off what is, hopefully, the first major… Read the full article


“Invincible”: Kelly Clarkson Faces Her Fears With An Almighty Sia-Penned Anthem

by Bradley Stern

Queen Kelly Clarkson fell head over heels in love with her super chipper “Heartbeat Song” at the start of the year. But it’s not all ponies, rainbows and bedazzled baby headphones for River Rose in her world. “Invincible” is the second song (and, according to Kelly, the second single) from Piece By Piece, her upcoming seventh studio album. And… Read the full article


“I Want You To Know”: Selena Gomez And Zedd Deliver A Thunderously Average Club Bop

by Bradley Stern

Selena Gomez, survivor of an entire year without rain, and Zedd, of “Clarity” and “Stay The Night” and “Break Free” dance floor greatness, have been teasing their collaboration, “I Want You To Know,” for approximately 30 million years on Instagram. The two completely platonic work place colleagues planned to premiere their tune on radio tomorrow,… Read the full article