Allow JoJo to “Demonstrate” on Ridiculously Sexy New Single

by Bradley Stern

Late last year, the endlessly fabulous, impossibly talented songstress known as JoJo unleashed her devastating rock-pop anthem “Disaster,” the lead single from her long-awaited studio album, Jumping Trains.

It seems, however, that the Boston-bred chanteuse has decided to let her hair down for the second offering from the record, as she’s just returned with–as we in the industry refer to it–a straight fiya boner jam.

“Demonstrate” was produced by Noah Shebib (known as “40”), who has done extensive production for Drake (including “Marvin’s Room”–remember how JoJo’s cover was one of THE best songs of 2011?), as well as crafting one of my favorite Alicia Keys songs ever, “Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready).”

Similar to the slinky “In The Dark” off her 2010 mixtape Can’t Take That Away From Me, “Demonstrate” finds JoJo getting her “sexual anxiety” on while winding and grinding above a drippy R&B beat: “Baby, there’s a lot of freaky shit/Running in my mind that I can’t say/But I know I can demonstrate,” Queen Jo promises, crooning on top of a sizzling electric guitar lick.

Musically, it’s a bit like Prince crossed with Beyonce‘s 4, plus a touch of Kelly Rowland‘s bump ‘n’ grinders with Lil Wayne–“Motivation” and “Ice.” In other words: It’s pure aural sex.

And now, some necessary truth tea: As much as I love hearing JoJo getting her sax appeal on for this number, I’m not sure how it’s going to perform on Top 40 Radio.

We live in an especially dull age of mainstream radio–a time when it’s nearly impossible to get played without dizzying synthesizers (LMFAO, Guetta) or Katy Perry carbon copies (Rita Ora, Nicki Minaj, Karmin).

Am I saying she should make that kind of music? Oh God, no! Praise her light for staying true to the inner Jo. But for an artist who truly needs a certified radio hit to get this album off the ground? I’m a bit nervous. With any luck, “Demonstrate” will (rightfully) dominate on the R&B charts, and potentially even see some crossover success. (Also–August 28? Girl, get that song on iTunes TONIGHT!)

All that being said, all JoJo is good JoJo, and I’ll still be going hard for the baddest Beantown boss bitch in the business.

She deserves to win, and the song’s a scorcher fo’ sho.

“Demonstrate” will be released on August 28. (iTunes)

  • Drew Novak

    JoJo is too great for mainstream radio anymore. She’s better than that!

  • Drew Novak

    JoJo is too great for mainstream radio anymore. She’s better than that!

  • Drew Novak

    JoJo is too great for mainstream radio anymore. She’s better than that!

  • http://twitter.com/JoshuaPingley Joshua Pingley

    This actually has flop written all over it. It’s good, but her days as a successful, popular musician are over.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1033980027 Richard Kaiser

    This is too fantastic for words. The melody and choral break. Here voice is epic. Who cares if she breaks the 10 ten. She needs something INCREDIBLE first. Who would have thought Adele would be #1 because that was never a formula. So let’s stop making a machine shall we?