Rihanna, Illuminati Navy Unapologetic #PhuckYoPourItUpVideo Princess, is the best person sitting in the crowd at the VMAs.

Whether she’s due to perform or just sitting pretty in a pair of jeans all night, her reactions are reliably priceless.


Remember this moment with Katy Perry?


And this one? Who even knows what they’re doing here — but I love it.

Well, she’s at it again.

Tonight, while Miley Cyrus was delivering her horrific, eyeroll-inducing twerk-a-thon performance with Robin Thicke and attempting to set a Guinness World Record for Most Unimpressive Tongue Action (seriously, we were all rooting for you), the cameraman wisely cut to RiRi (and One Direction) to render a single, stony side-eyed verdict for the night.




But that wasn’t all she did.


She was also visibly bored. Often.


So she bounced around a bit. And then she got hungry. A little too hungry — leading to the most stealthy, shady #PhuckYoPopcorn under-the-seat move of all time.

Screw the actual show. Let’s keep the camera focused solely on RiRi’s face next year, please?

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  • Jonathan Robert Sanchez

    Hahah omg i LOL’ed so hard at her and katy throwin some shade! #dontgettwistedbitch

  • Tristan

    Hilarious. Seriously. BEST MOMENTS during that flop show.


  • http://davidsask.wordpress.com/ DavidSask

    Love it she needs her own reality show!

  • syhrn

    That look she gave when she ‘shh’ed GAVE ME LIFE

  • http://ohdenny.com ohdenny

    Shady Rihanna is best Rihanna.

  • cory1219

    And I thought I was the only person who spent all night looking for RiRi on the audience cam… She and her friend were the highlight of the show.

  • Britney Lover

    I kept thinking of that Tyra Banks gif when i was watching Miley.

    “Be Quiet Miley! Keep your tongue inside your mouth Miley!”

  • Galli

    Miley is rubbing America’s face in its own vomit & forcing it to look in the mirror. Rihanna saw herself up there, just magnified as a grotesque burlesque which is why she was feeling superior.

  • Fantasy


  • Claudio Maddöx

    That Rihanna reign just won’t let up!

  • msloo

    For reals….just watch Rihanna. They kept cutting to Taylor Swift…zzzzzzzz. She’s a bore who kisses and tells.

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