Lindsay Lohan Is Back In The Recording Studio, Things Just Got Even More Personal (Raw)

by Bradley Stern


Tonight, while you were either fighting off intoxicated asshats dressed as Santa Claus or just sitting at home shoveling ice cream in your mouth while watching Beyoncé videos (I know which one I was doing), High Priestess Of Pop Lindsay Lohan casually dropped an Instagram sitting inside a recording studio.

Wait, I’m sorry…


Yes. Lindsay Lohan, of “Confessions Of A Broken Heart (Daughter To Father)” notoriety, is inside a recording studio. Right now.

“#studiotime #workhard,” she captioned the photo. HASHTAG SPEAK COME ON AND LET IT OUT GIVE IT TO ME.

Our collective prayers have seemingly been answered at last: Lindsay is finally blessing our unworthy ears with new tunes. She’s still a little bossy. She honestly told us it’s not over. She truly is a walka, not a talka. (In all non-stan seriousness, Lilo has served up some truly amazing pop. Anyone who denies this is rude and ignorant.)

And here you thought Beysus stole the crown with her surprise album drop at the end of 2013.





  • eberfyne

    YAAAASSS!!! Totally underrated singer this one.

  • Panda

    Oh lawd, this is just what I needed right now! #LaLohanReturns2014

  • mariemagdalene

    yay so happy :)

  • Garrett Clayman

    Hopefully this album is considered very “personal” and “therapeutic” to LiLo

  • Patrick O’Brien

    I love her albums!!!! She needs more music released so I am all about this.

  • Abraxas

    TEARS OF JOY! Can’t wait for Spirit In The Dark (2014 Incarnation)!

  • NoFucksForHilaryDuff

    Yes! Shouldve mentioned Lindsay is a PLATINUM selling artist!

    & FINALLY using the “more personal (raw)” tagline for the DIVA it belongs too!

  • dominic halsey


  • http://davidsask.wordpress.com/ DavidSask

    It would be hilarious if her new music came out before Paris’s CD!